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The Great Canadian Motorcycle Adventure

3 Amigos


I've been planning a motorcycle trip with some folks for quite a few years now. The stars finally aligned and we were able to do it! Left Seattle for Surrey on friday, spent the night at my uncle's place and started out Sat morning. Dad had rented a Honda Shadow from CycleBC( highly recommended btw!), my uncle was on his Suzuki and I was on my Sportster custom. I think this was Dad's first motorcycle trip in the west. The last motorcyle he rode was probably his Royal Enfield back in the day in India. He started out carefully as he always does but by the end of the trip he was tilting the Honda like a pro on the curves coming down from Whistler.

The first stop was at Chilliwack for some yum yum Tim Hortons goodies :) Then onto Hope where we stopped for gas and some grub. The drive up from Hope to Lilllooet via the Fraser Canyon was really nice. Tunnels on the way, the river on the side and mountains all around. Lots of nice curvy roads. Spent the night at the Reynolds Hotel which was recommended by a young fella at Lytton while we were gassing up. Btw I would recommend Dina's place for food.


The next day we rode down to Whistler via Duffey Lake and Pemberton. A couple of hours and a really nice ride with lots of beautiful mountains all around. But I think the best ride was down from Whistler to Vancouver along the coast via the Sky to Sea highway. Simply gorgeous curves!


Finally back to Vancouver and Surrey via Richmond on Sunday evening. Then I headed out back for Seattle that evening itself making it back by around 11 pm. It was a really fun weekend motorcycle trip!