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Snowmageddon it - Day 2

Looks like a couple more inches fell last night. We're upto almost a foot now methinks. Here's a couple of snapshots. Time to stay indoors, drink hot drinks and prep for that major software release tomorrow :)



Snowmageddon it!

Day 1 of the snowmageddon. Around 8" so far outside with more expected tomorrow. Supposed to be as bad as '96 - I remember snow drifts as tall as the house back then when we lived further up north :)

This is what the yard looks like so far. Let's see how much gets dumped tomorrow. As Def Leppard would say 'Snowmageddon it!'

Continuous Delivery

We practice Continous Delivery at Dynacron. That's the main reason why we've been able to push out a lot of new functionality for the last few months at a major local healthcare customer at a steady clip via a fairly automated deployment process which enables deployments anytime.

Dynacron has a free seminar if you're interested in learning more:



TeamCity Eclipse plug-in and remote runs

We've been using TeamCity at work for a while now and it's working out as well as Hudson, etc. It has some really nifty integration features available via an eclipse plugin ( netbeans, idea, etc are also supported I believe). Love the remote run functionality! 



That's why I love her!

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope the new year brings you lots of joy & happiness! 2011 certainly brought us a lovely bundle of joy =)