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Excellent article on memory leaks

Read an excellent article on memory leaks in Java. Yes Toto, Java can have memory leaks even though it has GC.


I've been dealing with the PermGen issues lately. It's quite interesting how a couple of wars with each containing a spring stack & a couple of other libraries thrown in can very quickly cause PermGen issues.


Jython, SSH etc etc

I am doing some automation stuff these days. This involves remotely interacting with servers via SSH. Ideally I would like to automate some of the processes so I was looking around for ways of doing that with Python or Java.

First I looked into Python which appears to have a couple of solutions:

kinda banged my head against setting up the various libs before I gave up. So I looked into the Java alternatives. The best options appear to be:

  1. http://www.jcraft.com/jsch/ - popular but docs are a little hard to find/read
  2. http://www.ganymed.ethz.ch/ssh2/ - better docs than jsch

So I decided to download my favorite environment for playing around with Java - jython and was up & running a cmd on a remote box in around 5 mins and piping it's output.

While I agree that a dev is most productive with the tools that the person is most familiar with, once again I find jython to be quite awesome when it comes to just trying out a library.

There's a very nice plugin for Eclipse too.